WhatsApp Business is much more than

stickers memes emoticonos

Implement a professional chat service in your company.

Express what you think.

Create a profile for your business

Having direct communication with your customer base is increasingly important. Being able to reach them directly with messaging applications such as WhatsApp Business offers a perfect opportunity to open new communication paths.

You can send a welcome message every time a user first writes to you.

You can create automatic answers that we can use when our customers ask us a specific question.

You can send an absence message of up to 200 characters so that your customers don’t feel neglected outside your business hours.

You will have a personalized profile, where you can link advertising campaigns on Facebook to your Whatsapp with a high return on investment and with a very low cost.

  • I will enhance the profile of your company so that it is in line with your brand. I will provide you with all the legal guidelines that you can use to make the most of it.
  • We will produce together a catalog with all your products.
  • I will create automated responses so that you save time in your day to day and your clients always have a resolution.
  • We will carry out training on all the uses and services you need to know so that there is no doubt about the tool.
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