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I´m Eulari Adrover, Community Manager specialized in Social Media.

When I finished high school I had no idea what I wanted to study or what direction my life could take from there. It was then that I discovered the Degree in Advertising and Public Relations, which I thought could be adapted very well to me because I had always loved to talk, communicate, relate to people, listen to them and help them in their goals.

So, I studied this degree for four years and, when I finished, I felt like when I finished high school. And now what? Then I discovered a master’s degree in Barcelona entitled Master in Creativity and Advertising Strategy. And there I could fulfill one of my dreams; live in Barcelona, work in an agency located in Passeig de Gràcia and, I had a great time.

Then, I returned to Mallorca and I was lucky enough to find work immediately as Community Manager and Personal Assistant, first for an agency and then as a freelance. That’s how, after a career and a master (5 years) at the age of 24, I finally discovered that, this was my path.

For these reasons you are now on this website, who knows, maybe you are reading this, so I can say yes, I have fulfilled another dream.

And now what really interests you: what I discovered after all these years is the great showcase that social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter represent today and I decided to use creativity, empathy and my commitment to help as Social Media those companies that want to show the world their products or services through a personalized Strategy and Social Media management.

It is a sector in constant change and evolution, so I am progressing with it, because for me, learning from what you like is the engine of life.

I’m passionate about Online Marketing.

I like to fuse creativity, empathy and my commitment to helping companies as a Social Media expert.


"A successful strategy is the one that manages to establish a real bond with its audience"

I was fortunate to conduct an incredible interview for the Diario Última Hora from Mallorca where I was able to capture part of my thoughts on this profession. They shortened it a lot because I talk a lot, but I appreciate that they were able to synthesize it so well hehe. It was a pleasure to be able to collaborate and do my bit.

Are you ready to work together?

They already trust me.

 Eulari helped me see and understand the importance of your business being on social networks and actively working in the presence that takes place there. For my business, it has made an incredible change, on the one hand, because it serves as a window for our services and the quality of them, and on the other hand it has helped us to get a lot of more people to know us, know where we are and what we do. Eulari knew from the beginning our values and he understood what our clients like to see"
"My profession is tattooing and the truth is that I was very bad at answering the messages of clients on social networks and organizing the agenda; I was consuming a lot of time and, finally, either I didn’t or I let it be too long, which was detrimental to the quality of my services. Now, with Eulari I can offer my clients an immediate response service and, myself, more free time to do what I really like, which is tattooing. She is always willing to contribute ideas of how to improve the work or make it more effective and if I have any organizational doubts always find me a solution. I would definitely rate it 10/10"
"Before I worked with Eulari, my Instagram account was made of one image that was repeated every week, because I only used that network to raise the prices of my business. And since I started working with Eulari, the design line of those prices changed radically, she made them much more legible and beautiful. She also managed to create a content strategy that has us and our public rather than in love. We work hand-to-hand every day and, for me, she's an excellent professional who puts passion and dedication in everything she does"
"I started working with Eulari some time ago and I hope and wish that I can continue working with her for much longer, for my part I can assure you that her work is effective and unbeatable, she is always willing to listen to everything you tell her, to conform to the perfection to your needs, you can talk to her without any problem since that is something very important, without a doubt working with her is to make sure that your work is going to be a success besides she is a person who gives you a shot of joy , always has a smile from ear to ear which makes your work even if you have had a bad day a little better"
"Thanks to Eulari's services we've managed to get many new people to know us and be able to report on our business at all times. She is always willing to help and bring new ideas and suggestions, making us feel that this is as ours as is yours, which gives us great confidence and quiet"


I help you to express your ideas and feelings

Therefore, I express verbally and visually what even they do not know they can and should communicate effectively.

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